Exhilarating water parks and outdoors

UAE is the exact destination to enjoy many kinds of outdoor activities. You would be really in fun visiting the popular water parks at dubai like wild wadi water park, aquanventure, dolphin bay and more. You can really enjoy the amazing water rides and have a great time having fun and enjoyment with your families and kids. It would be a best place to blast out and have excitement.

Water parks to chill out:

The water parks at dubai are the favorite destination for most of the tourists as they can enjoy their day having fun at rides and more. You can really have adventurous time over here enjoying and getting mesmerized with the great rides you can see here. The water pars are the must visit spots at UAE with your kids in order to make your day really worth at dubai. This exhilarating adventure can really make you out of control in pools and slides. You may have to take the tickets for the water pars and it is available there itself and also through online. Make your bookings earlier and enjoy here. Dolphin bay is also an exciting spot where you can interact and have fun with dolphins. Have an adventurous time at water parks with your

Outdoors and time outs at dubai:

You can really enjoy and spend your time outs at dubai hanging out at malls with your friends enjoying shopping your favorite stuffs. Moreover you can visit beaches like jumeirah, kites beach etc where you can relax and spend your evening’s with your loved ones really feeling peaceful. There are also playgrounds and courts near the beaches where you can play out having a great time. Safa parks are the others pots where you can be with your kids enjoying at park, chatting with your friends having good time. You can also spend your days in a wonderful way enjoying various outdoors like jet skiing, paragliding, water surfing, and ice skating, scuba diving, hot air balloon rides, riding on motorbikes and more. Taking a helicopter ride and having tour around the whole city would be another experience which can really let you have some eye capturing sights and more.

The desert adventure is the great thing which you can do at dubai. It is a fun filled spot where you can enjoy sand dune bashing on a four wheeler jeep. Sand boarding is also a spectacular spot which would be an amazing thing to make your day a great one enjoying each and every moment watching the beautiful scenery and chill out with your friends. Desert safari dubai is a best and exciting adventure which you can enjoy with your families. Make your desert day special and memorable one with joy and happiness enjoying the safaris. If you want to enjoy great time at deserts in a well organized way with guides you can do your pre booking through online visiting the websites. Visit desertsafaridubairates.com  and get more info about desert safari dubai.


Are you looking for an exhilarating journey with your loved ones? How about traveling to a huge destination like UAE in spending your vacation in a best way beyond your expectations? A wonderful spot like UAE is very enchanting to all tourists and therefore it has been a recommended destination for everyone who loves travelling. There are varieties of spots and adventures you can enjoy here and this makes this wonderful spot a right choice to plan your vacation. The each location at UAE is absolutely stunning wonders which you get attracted with!

Why UAE is considered as spot of attractions:

UAE is a place where you can have many wonderful attractive spots which you can really enjoy. The below are few attractions which you should not miss out UAE

  • Dubai Fountain: It is one of the beautiful attractions you can find at Dubai which is the beautiful emirate of UAE. This wonderful fountain is located at Burj Lake. Here you can experience the huge dancing water which are colorful and shows a great view at night. You can see the great glow of beautiful waters that dances in the Arab music’s. Lots of music’s will be played and variety performances will also be shown here. This is splendid destination where you can enjoy the eye capturing sights.
  • Hatta: It is a great destination which you should not miss out by any means. The beautiful Hatta Mountains which are rich in mountain beauty are located at Dubai. This stunning destination is a place where you can relax and enjoy the cool climate. There are lots of twisted tracks while your way to Hatta. You can enjoy the mountain beauty here viewing the magnificent rock beauty all around. On the way to the mountain you may also come across beautiful Hatta pool where you can enjoy bathing and playing in the pool with your family.
  • Desert safari: The desert safari is another splendid activity which you should never miss out. There are many deserts at UAE where you can enjoy the safaris by camel rides and jeep rides. You can also find different sand dunes which are of attractive than ever. If you really love desert beauty, then you should definitely make plan a desert day enjoying the desert beauty and a wonderful BBQ dinner with entertainments at night. Take up desert safari deals in which you can enjoy the desert activities as a package with the help of guides. You can view up the rates of the packages visiting website like phoenixdesertsafaritours.com.

Have a Marvelous journey:

Make your trip a great one enjoying each and every spectacular destination at UAE. Enjoy visiting famous spots at UAE enjoying the activities and wonders around. Make out shopping’s at famous malls and souks feeling the joy. Celebrate the UAE trip with your families and have hangouts with them. You will definitely fall in love with each and every moment at UAE enjoying the wide beauty around.


Most of you like travelling right? Having some incredible experiences and joyful moments which could cherish in your life is something we all looks for and so travelling seem to be a wonderful thing in our life. It is a way to feel and experience the change from our daily life. Making it travel in this beautiful planet is a great thing for you to view out some of the wonders that the god has created around you. There are many destinations you can visit which are of best to give you lost of memories. A dream tour to UAE is a thing which most people look for! Yes, UAE is such a graet place where you can see some of the world beautiful things.

Highlight wonders of UAE

Choosing a design for the tour lies on the destination you pick out to explore. Always try to catch up some great locations like UAE where you can have lots of enjoyments. It is a fantastic destination where you can have lots of adventures and fall in love with each and every location which can bring out many amazing things which you definitely love. Sightseeing is lot at UAE that you can spend your each day visiting beautiful locations. Dubai Aquarium, underwater zoo, safaris, shopping’s, mosques, water parks, are the favorable attractions you can admire with UAE. Burj al arab, burj khalifa, jumeirah beach, dubai mall, desert, mountains are some of the wonders you must really visit. To capture some of the great views of the Dubai you can take up the helicopter tour. It would be a great experience for you to view up the city from the skyline and watch the iconic buildings of dubai city in a marvelous way.

Amazing things to do at desert:

The dubai desert is a famous spot where you can have lots of fun. Camel ride is a beautiful thing which you can do at desert in viewing the attractive deserts and enjoying the sunset views and more. The mesmerizing attractions are lot more in the desert and that would be too a great one to enjoy at overnight also. Having a dinner at the desert enjoying trekking and viewing sunset would be at the best part you can experience. There are many deals that comes up for desert safari which you can choose based on your convenience. With this deal, you can have a planned day at desert with great activities. Take up the exiting desert safari deal which can bring you amazing experience to cherish. There are lots of stunning views which you can have from the desert. The full day at desert is a great one for all those who loves desert adventures.

To know more:

You can now visit website arabiannightsafari.com to have a look on amazing and exciting deals which you can avail to plan your trip to UAE having comfortable stay and enjoy the UAE spots with your loved ones. Make your trip to UAE best in your life picking out good deals.

Buy Electronics from Dubai for Maximum Value for Your Money

Dubai besides being a popular tourist destination where 4 million tourists from around the world visit each year, is also emerging as the hub of quality electronics. All the electronics from all the top brands of the world are easily available in Dubai and that too at very affordable prices.

Electronics are one of the major needs for any household. They are one of our best partners in making our lives easier. When it comes to electronics, Dubai has a lot to offer. You would always be recommended to head to Dubai if you are a shopping enthusiast and love shopping for clothes. However, if you are looking for electronics, you should visit Dubai in order to get the highest quality electronics at very reasonable prices.

Why Electronics are Cheaper in Dubai

Electronics in Dubai are a lot cheaper than in any other parts of the world. This is because of the open port policy of the UAE. The electronic items are not taxed hence, they have very low prices. All the electronic items can be purchased from Dubai at the lowest prices. There is an extensive variety of electronics available in Dubai. Whether it is a computer, tablet, laptop, or a LED TV, fridge or other items, they are easily available in wide varieties.

Where to Buy

There are tons of electronic shops in the shopping malls of Dubai. You can either visit any of them. However, if you are looking to buy electronics for amazingly low prices or for free, you should attend the shopping festival known as Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). In this exhibition, all the top brands of electronics from around the world are available at incredibly low prices. This exhibition is arranged yearly and continues for a whole month.

If you miss this exhibition for some reason and still want to purchase electronic items at low prices, you should visit the Al Faridi Street in Bur Dubai. There are different shops offering the electronic items at very affordable prices. However, don’t forget to ask for international warranty because they offer local warranties mostly.

In case you want to take the items to your own country, you may have to pay some additional charges and duties depending on the policies of your country. So plan a visit to Dubai and get top class electronics.

4 Best Healthcare Centers in Dubai

Dubai is highly regarded for its tourist attractions. Around 4 million tourists visit Dubai each year which makes this beautiful city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Admired highly by the shopping enthusiasts and the adventure seekers, Dubai is also known for its best healthcare facilities. The healthcare infrastructure of Dubai is advanced as in other developed countries of the world. Here we will discuss 4 of the best healthcare centers in Dubai where you can get the best medical treatment.

Medcare Hospital, Jumeira

Medcare Hospital, Jumeira is one of the best private hospitals located in Jumeriah adjacent ot the Safa Park. It comprises of 67 bed but the medical facilities are exceptional. The Hospital has a full-fledged Emergency Department, 25 Outpatient consultation rooms, ICU, NICU, Delivery suites, Endoscopy Room and Day Surgery unit. All the departments are supervised by highly skilled and qualified medical staff.

Belhoul European Hospital, Jumeirah

Established in 1996, Belhoul European Hospital is the first day care hospital in the UAE. It provides comprehensive medical facilities through its 22 outpatient clinics. The hospital also provides specialized therapies including laser therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, and others. The vision of this hospital is to create a unique health care model for the UAE by providing comprehensive medical services with advanced health care solutions.

Mediclinic City Hospital

This was the first multi-disciplinary hospital established in Dubai Healthcare City. In terms of the quality of the medical staff, this hospital continues to dominate. There are 226 beds in the hospital and the services include breast surgery, cardiac surgery, nephrology, neurology, and neurosurgery etc. This hospital is known for the specialized treatments.

Dubai Sky Clinic

Dubai Sky Clinic is committed to providing the best dental care facilities to the people. They are the first to introduce new technologies in Dubai which enhanced their abilities and gave a new identity to their work. The treatment rooms are designed in a way to provide you with the most relaxing facilities. One can browse the internet, watch a DVD movie on the attached screen to the dental chair, or plug in their mp3 player to our computers and listen to their favorite music.

These are 4 best healthcare centers in Dubai where you can get specialized treatment in the most relaxing environment. If you are in Dubai and facing some medical issues, visit any of these to stay fit and healthy.

Adventure Sports in Dubai

It may entice you to spend your Dubai break sprawled on a sun lounger, however this side of the world is stuffed with high-octane, adrenaline-charged exercises. There are outside experiences to be had in the sand, ocean and snow (yes, you read that right), and all are inside a short taxi ride of each other.

This article highlights some top ways adventure sports enthusiasts can look to fulfill their cravings and blow off steam. Dubai is truly a wonderful location that promises to cater and satisfy tourists and adventurists of all kinds.


Past the city’s design mammoths are limitless forsake hills of different hues and shapes. The UAE’s trick riders take off to Big Red, a region stuffed with a great many sandy hills, where you can observe master quadbikes, 4×4 drivers and sand boarders propelling themselves off edges and pinnacles. Favor a go yourself? Adventure organizations will drive willing members to appropriately high hills, strap them to a board and send them plunging down the inclines.


In the focal point of Dubai sits a gigantic cooler, containing one of the biggest man-made ski inclines on the planet. Inside Ski Dubai, guests will discover 6000 tons of fine snow and a 400-meter incline. With temperatures between – 2°C and – 9°C, you can imagine you’re in the Swiss Alps instead of a sweltering desert.


Zooming over the water at velocities of 40mph, with the warm Persian Gulf air against your face, wakeboarding gives you the surge of snowboarding however doesn’t hurt when you tumble off. In Dubai’s Jebel Ali zone, adrenaline junkies will locate the ideal detached spot, with ideal conditions for the game. Not at all like surfing or kiteboarding, wakeboarding is best done in quiet conditions when the water is smooth and still.

F1 Driving

The single-seater involvement with Dubai Autodrome is as close as a learner can get to being Lewis Hamilton for the day. After a speedy classroom lesson, the course educators will strap new kid on the block gearheads into a ultra-lightweight 180bhp auto and set them free on a mile-long circuit.

To conclude, Dubai is widely considered the top location for adventure sports such as the ones mentioned above. Its wide range of activities and extraordinary design and facilities make it the number one destination for adrenaline junkies and the average tourists as well.